Many are the magazine articles on luxury real estate that international celebrities have acquired in Portugal, how much they are surrendered to Portuguese culture and its people. There are already many famous who have come to love the nooks, the security and tranquility of our country. The truth is that we are already dubbed as the ” California of Europe ”. They are well-known faces of the screens and have been promoting our country across borders. But do you know what really led these celebrities live in Portugal? Find out why!


The pop queen was undoubtedly the most known case and the most prominent celebrity to move to the Portuguese capital. The American singer Madonna, mother of 6, chose the city of Lisbon for her family’s new address. The reason was one of the children, David Banda, 13, who aspires to be a future professional soccerplayer. Since Portugal is a quiet, sunny and safe destination, the singer and actress also took the opportunity to be inspired by her new projects. She purchased Palácio Ramalhete, located in downtown Lisbon.

Michael Fassbender

After marrying Swedish actress Alicia Vikander in 2017, the actor of German origin moved to a 5-bedroom luxury apartment in the Alfama district. The actor says he can not point out a reason to choose Lisbon, but the attraction was such that the couple says they can not explain. In several interviews, the couple points out the climate, gastronomy, culture and calm as reasons to fall in love with this city. The actor is still a fan of surfing and intends to run the Portuguese beaches from coast to coast.

Monica Bellucci

The actress, model, and one of the most beautiful women in the world, actress and model of Italian origin, Monica Bellucci, also chose a typical neighborhood in the center of Lisbon. She chose Lisbon for its climate and calm and tax benefits that foreign citizens enjoy in Portugal.

Christian Louboutin

The most famous shoe designer in the world had already created a connection with Portugal for more than 30 years, when a Portuguese friend brought him to spend the holidays in Comporta. Already purchased three houses in our country: Comporta, Melides and, more recently, Alfama. The nature, the gardens, the tiles and the people are the main reasons that led the French designer to fall in love with Portugal. Louboutin, who divides his time between the house of Paris, Italy and Portugal, intends to move to our country once and for all when he retires.

Éric Cantona

The former soccer player, now an actor, also surrendered to Portugal. After visiting Figueira da Foz and Portimão, he acquired an apartment in the center of Lisbon and also decided to invest in the Portuguese real estate market. He became a member of Sporting and one of his sons will be even training at the club. In an interview, Cantona considers that ” Lisbon is the Rio (January) of Europe. ” A 2014 study by Bloomberg magazine reports that there is a tendency for retired French people to move to Portugal because of low taxes.

Garrett McNamara

In 2011, the North American surfer beats the world record of Guiness, in Nazare, by the largest wave ever surfed. In addition to falling in love with the waves of Nazare, it’s in this localition that in 2012, he marries Nicole. Placed Nazare on the map as a mandatory stop for surfers to test and improve their art. Curiously, the surfer surrendered to the city of Sintra, where he settled down to take advantage of the beauty, gastronomy and security of the Portuguese territory.

Scarlett Johansson

One of Hollywood’s most famous stars also did not resist the charms of the planted seaside country. The American actress bought an apartment right in the heart of the capital. Following in the footsteps of singer Madonna.

Sara Carbonero

The journalist and Spanish model came to Portugal, more specifically to Oporto, to accompany her husband football player, Iker Casillas, who plays for Futebol Clube do Porto. The mannequin has already been sharing images of her family moments in the city and how much it surrendered to the city!

Ronan Keating

The Irish singer has a house in the famous Quinta do Lago, in Algarve. Venue also chosen by celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo or José Mourinho. Whenever possible, the singer/songwriter visits his vacation home to rest and enjoy the wonderful sun and sea of the region.

Bonnie Tyler

The Welsh singer known for the hit ” Total Eclipse of the Heart ” already has a vacation home in Albufeira for more than 30 years. Whenever possible, she likes coming to enjoy her free time in the Algarve region.

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