Oporto is becoming a cosmopolitan center of national and international reference. It should be noted that, in recent years, its cultural development has been significant, which has led to a growth in tourism and the number of immigrants who have surrendered to the city. Some of the best restaurants and bars in the country are installed here. We bring you a selection of the best luxury bars in Porto with an exclusive atmosphere, perfect to relax after a day of work with friends, or enjoy a good drink with your significant other.

The Royal Cocktail Club

The Royal Cocktail Club opened in 2017 and here the drinks are royalty and the bartenders, the royal family.

Inside an intimate and reserved environment, guests can live an almost ceremonial experience in the preparation of their signature drinks. These drinks are served with an irreverent presentation that are worth tasting alone or accompanied.

Champanheria da Baixa Bistrô

To the sparkling champagne with bubbly personality, a sober and elegant space was given. This is the address of a restaurant / bar with a jovial and retro taste, which during the day also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

17º Bar

Hotel Dom Henrique is the stage for an elegant and exclusive bar with a breathtaking view. Going up to the 17th floor, the name does not fool you, it is one of the best trendy bars and cosmopolitan style that even has a DJ to liven up the nights.

Vogue Café

The renowned fashion magazine has widened the wings of the unparalleled aesthetic sense of clothing and flew to the restoration, maintaining its good taste and aesthetic sense to which we are already used to. The result is the Vogue Café Oporto, an elegant and chic bar that offers us a range of snacks and drinks inserted in a pleasant and stylish space, inside Hotel Infante Sagres.

Flow Restaurant

Located on one of Oporto’s nightlife streets, Flow Restaurant stands out for its restaurant and bar concept. If the facade already catches your eye, its exquisite interior is breathtaking – an unparallel beauty with a Neo-Arabian touch that invites you to try the dishes or risking a delicious cocktail.

PortoBello Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Located inside the Premium Porto Hotel, right in the heart of the city, this luxurious and modern 4 * hotel invites anyone to be dazzled by the panoramic view of the city, while accompanied by a beautiful drink.

Already fallen in love with Invicta? Allegro shows you your future home! This luxury development in the center of Porto, thought to detail, combines elements and construction materials of high quality, specially designed for you, so that you get the most out of your home.